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our history

Hill Group is the combination of several companies registered to operate in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The group started early in 2000 from merely a small agrovet shop business which was located at Mwenge, Dar es Salaam. Since then,the group has enjoyed the tremendous amount of goodwill, reputation, and name recognition in the market.

We are involved with manufacturing and distribution of animal feeds which are in the forms of mash & pellet andmanufacturing and distribution of Polypropylene woven packaging bags.




Mr. Hillary Shoo is the Founder, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of HILL GROUP. He started his business at Mwenge, Dar- es – salaam back 1998 selling Poultry feeds, he moves on to producing animal feeds marketed as Hill feeds. Later on, he opened a Veterinary Shop. With the growth of the company in 2008 he opened Hill Packaging Company Limited dealing with the Manufacturing of polypropylene woven bags. Mr. Hillary Shoo did not stop pursing his dreams he wanted to expand the poultry feeds industry aim at developing a high standard animal feeds so in 2013 he opened Salibaba Pellet Company Limited which with its main activity being to manufacture “Pelleted animal Feeds” using modern and high-tech feed mill plant. He stepped further in 2018 expanding the group and started up packaged drinking water business traded under famous brand name Hill Water which. Hill water has been introduced into the market, produced using state of the art technology which ensures Clean, Clear and Safe drinking Water.

With his great entrepreneurial skills, he successfully graduated at the University of Dar es salaam with the bachelor’s degree of Commerce and Management in Finance year 1997.

Mr. Hillary Shoo is in charge of the overall company’s day to day operation, with proper leadership skills towards the achievement of the company’s philosophy, mission, objectives and goals. His vision is to develop into a great company providing and creating wide range of job opportunities to fellow Tanzanians also bringing to the market best and affordable products.



Mrs. Hillary shoo is the co-founder and board secretary of the HILL GROUP, working hand in hand with full-time support to Mr. Hillary Shoo in the establishment of HILL GROUP in 2000. They both have been able to put together their ideas and visions together bringing the HILL GROUP we are seeing today. With her great entrepreneurial and financial skills and a holding Diploma in International business Mrs. Hillary Shoo is the overall head in the finance and accounting matters of the company.

Apart from her occupational work, Mrs. Hillary Shoo plays a big role in the social life management of the HILL GROUP team. Which leads growth of teamwork and efficiency in the company’s growth with all these her vision stands the same as Mr. Hillary’s.