Hill Packaging Co Ltd started the operation in 2008. We are one of the leading Polypropylene woven bags manufacturers in Tanzania.

Owing to our long term experience, we are capable of offering our customers the best quality products than our competitors.
Hill PP woven bags are light, but strong enough to handle any kinds of strains. Customer preference is paramount to the products we make. That means we produce bags based on customer’s specifications, concerning dimensions, and weights. Most of standard size bags we make are for 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, and 100kg packaging.

Furthermore, our bags are available in different shapes which make them easy to use which facilitate proper utilization of storage space and minimum requirement of shipping space.

Last but definitely not least, we have modern auto printing machines in which we can print up to four colors thus we can serve our customers with printed bags or plain one.
Product Description
We manufacture:

  • PP woven bags for packing Flour, Grains, Animal feeds,
  • PP Woven bags with liner for packing and preserving Fertilizer, Sugar, Tea and Coffee,
  • Laminated PP woven bags for packing Detergents, Salt,
  • Woven wrapping cloth for Textiles, Cotton lint and Chicken Brooding House,
  • PP Pelletized Material,
  • Shrink Wrapper, Sheeting Material.